Sebastian d'Arvay

A swashbuckler with lots of panache


Sebastian is a compulsive liar. He often makes up insane stories even when telling the truth would be just fine. He enjoys outwitting people, showing off, and generally being the center of attention. He is also hot headed and quick to anger (in a theatrical way, of course). He likes to do things for the fun of it, the bigger the spectacle the better. He likes to pretend he has an honor code to uphold (the swordsman’s code, he calls it) but this is mostly for show. This “code” has a tendency to fluidly change with the current situation and Sebastian’s mood. When Sebastian is in the mood for trouble he might state that his code says that “a swordsman never flinches from a challenge” but when he’s outmatched in a fight or feeling lazy he might say that his code says “a swordsman must always choose his fights with care.”

Beneath his panache and his flashy façade, he feels lost. Being honest and working hard doesn’t get you anywhere, he believes, so why not just lie and go after what you want? He spent his youth playing by the rules and all it got him was a prison sentence for the murder of his wife, while her real killed gets to go to fancy parties and eat the best food. As much as he wants revenge, he is also hesitant to go after it. To him it feels like the one thing in his life that is still actually true and he isn’t at all sure who he’d be if he actually got his vengeance.

He wears a small pouch around his neck at all times that contains the cheap bronze ring that he and Elise used for their wedding ring. He dresses as flashily as he can and makes sure to remind everyone that he’s a nobleman. Despite his insistence on this point, he knows nothing about etiquette, manners, or fashion.

Despite all his lies and pomp, he does have some morals. He believes that people should be free to do what they want and make their own way, he doesn’t believe in the exploitation of the under classes, and also thinks that men should put less stock in nationality and more stock in personal character. He does not believe in fate or religion and thinks that such ideas are merely an excuse to explain away one’s own shortcomings.


Sebastian‘s Life story according to Sebastian

Grew up in Bascone, Montaigne. His family owns an estate called Arvay. He is of noble blood and he enrolled in the fencing school at a young age, where he excelled. He was recognized as a fearsome swordsman and, at age 15, was sent to the war with Castille. He distinguished himself on the battlefield and quickly rose to the rank of captain. He returned to the capital after he saved his whole unit from a Castillian spy who had infiltrated the keep where they were stationed. Upon his return to Charouse he was given an honorary position in the musketeers. It was while serving this post that he met a beautiful princess with eight sisters. They fell madly in love. Unfortunately, she was betrothed to the headmaster of the Valroux School, a villainous man who Sebastian knew to be a Castillian spy. Sebastian challenged him to a duel and was victorious. The fallen headmaster’s political supporters put a price on Sebastian and so he fled to the high seas, promising to return for his beloved princess when the time was right.

Sebastian’s life story according to reality

Sebastian was born a peasant to Henri Dubois and Floriana Estel. His mother, Floriana, was Castillian and his father was from Montiagne. Henri Dubois was an acrobat in a traveling circus show, Le Cirque Spectaculaire de Pierre Duval. Sebastian grew up in and around the show and learned a lot about performance and acrobatics from a young age. Eventually, Floriana got sick with a mysterious illness and became unable to travel. The family settled in Charouse. Henri Dubois got a job as a groundskeeper at the Valroux School. Sebastian was an athletic boy and it wasn’t long before one of the swordmasters, a man named Jean-Paul de Abelese, took an interest in him. Jean-Paul trained the boy on the side for a few months and eventually had him inducted into the school as a full member. Sebastian took to fencing easily and did well in his training at the school. As he grew older, he fell in love with a girl named Elise, who was the daughter of a kitchen maid. Then Sebastian turned 15 and was sent off to the Castillian war. He hated military life, never rose in rank, and eventually deserted at the age of 19. He fled back to Charouse to find Elise. Elise, thinking Sebastian was not coming back, had started up an affair with a local nobleman (and decorated graduate of the Volroux school) named Charles d’Ornes. Sebastian convinced Elise to marry him and they eloped. When Charles learned that Elise had run off with another man he had both Sebastian and Elise beaten and arrested. He ordered the men to kill Elise and to charge Sebastian with her murder.

At his sentencing Sebastian challenged Charles to a duel—a duel that Charles had to accept as Sebastian was a member of the swordsmen’s guild. Charles was a renowned fencer and beat Sebastian badly. Rather than kill him, Charles carved his initials into Sebastian’s chest and left him in the hands of the law.

Sebastian spent several years in a prison camp. Eventually, Sebastian escaped and fled to the high seas, but not before swearing vengeance on Charles d’Ornes and his entire family for what he’d done to Elise.

Sebastian d'Arvay

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