Captain Corrigan


Duncan Reynard Corrigan was born in Kirkwall in the Highland Marches. Less than a year old when his parents were killed by robbers, he lived for most his childhood in an orphanage. There he was surrounded by cold and drafty walls, cruel headmasters and even more sadistic little boys. He quickly learned to dish out just as much as he was given and at 13, when the orphanage mysteriously caught fire and burned down, he used it as a chance to run away. Travelling eventually to Wandesbarrow, Duncan craved the freedom of the sea and stowed aboard a ship named The Siren’s Song. Soon caught by its sailors, he was press ganged into service, ultimately working as the cabin boy to the Siren’s Song captain, Captain Edward Jennings. Over the years, despite the harsh naval life, he grew to admire and respect Captain Jennings, an honorable (if unapologetically criminal) man who treated Duncan like his own son. By 17, he was Captain Jenning’s most reliable sailor.

That year unfortunately was Duncan’s last aboard the The Siren’s Song. Restless and undisciplined, the majority of ship’s crew mutinied, led by the cutthroat Morgan Reis. They beat and lashed Edward Jennings and then hung him from the bowsprit. Duncan, known to be loyal to the captain, barely escaped with his life.

A week on sea without food or water, he managed to be picked up by another seafaring scoundrel—- Bartolo Medina, captain of the Devil’s Claw. After being nursed back to health, he served aboard the Devil’s Claw with distinction, proving himself a skilled and intelligent seaman and, by 22, was promoted from navigator to Captain Medina’s first mate.

By 25 and with Medina’s help, he managed to secure the first ship of his own. A fairly well designed brigantine called The Manta Ray. Duncan was in love the ship the moment he laid eyes on her. He hated the name though. Renaming it the Vespertine, he quickly grew a well-earned reputation on the high seas as a pirate not to be trifled with. And after hearing rumors of supernatural ships increasingly dominating the shipping lanes, Duncan had a spell put upon The Vespertine by a Fate Witch, allowing the wind to favor it at night.

Now with the Vespertine at his command and with a piecemeal crew, he endeavors to hunt down the Siren’s Song and slaughter every one of its treacherous sailors. At every port he docks at, he sees to it that he has eyes and ears available to him, to report on any possible appearances of the Siren’s Song. Some have informed him that the ship is now cursed, forced to scour Theah in search of ancient weaponry.

In between the search, and to keep his ship in supplies and crew, Duncan took to plundering Atalanean artifacts and various other profitable trinkets. These he fences to a man known as The Stoat, a cagey kingpin who runs the largest criminal organization in Avalon.

Captain Corrigan

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